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  • Tom Endris

    Tom Endris 8:12 pm on January 10, 2014 Permalink | Log in to leave a Comment
    Tags: facebook, marketing   

    Tried my hand at Facebook Ads and wasted $13 

    I work a 9-5 job. But I am also trying to start a coupon marketing business in Tampa Bay. I got the idea from a company in my hometown of Indianapolis. It is a successful company and based on a simple system, so I thought I could piggy back from their process and create something new in Tampa. It looks easy on paper. I have most of the prestart work done, and now I am just trying to find my way through the muck of marketing.

    This business model is unique because there are two different customers. One’s that pay the site and one’s that take from the site. The paying customers are business owners that are interested in adding their coupons to our site and gaining new customers. The others are the coupon users. What makes it difficult is that there are very few business willing to pay for a listing because there are so few other coupons on the site and because of that, there are few customers to use the coupons.

    I am slowly learning that in order to start gaining businesses I need to give away my service for free or discount it to a minimal amount. This seems counter productive. So last week I spent a few dollars on a unique tool to focus Facebook ads to a target specific group of people. Using Facebook’s Graph Search it was pretty easy to find the target group and spend on only that group. I had 2 ads running at the same time. One was an ad to get people to like my Facebook Fanpage and the other was a promoted post listing for a recent post I had added to the Fanpage. Well, they both performed at almost the same level and cost almost the same, but it seems to me that this is not the direction for me for now.

    So what I think I know is that while others may love Facebook Ads, it seems to me that it is another expensive means of getting low results. I feel like I could have spent $13 on a sign and placed in at a busy street corner and gotten more results. So that is my next venture.


  • Tom Endris

    Tom Endris 7:26 pm on January 10, 2014 Permalink | Log in to leave a Comment
    Tags: change, choices, inspiration, slogan, struggle   

    Fear is lack of faith 

    by: Tom Endris

    I often find myself wondering how I got where I am in life. In looking at my past it is made clear to me that I am exactly where I am because of all of my past decisions and indecisions. Taking the first step in any venture is always the scariest. As humans we tend to look at all the possible outcomes that may come as a result of our choice, and then focus on the negative.

    Fear can place a stranglehold on our momentum in life. The fear creates our inaction or indecision. This same inaction creates a negative opinion of ourselves, like self pity. While not everyone suffers from self pity, everyone can relate to ‘beating ourselves up’. This is the feeling we get from inactivity. That same inactivity causes more self pity, and the ‘vicious cycle’ begins.

    My friend always reminds me that “By not making a decision, you are making a decision to feel sorry for yourself”. More often than not, when I am personally faced with my own staircase in life, I call my friend and ask for advice. The advice is always the same. “Do Something”. If it turns out to be the wrong thing, oh well. The best lessons in life are learned from past mistakes and failures and who knows, we may succeed or find a new direction to go.

    So, what I think I know is that if I want to achieve anything, I have to start by taking the first step.


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